Gold Leaf Literary Services works with writers of all levels, at all stages. We offer publicity and and assistance for authors in a variety of ways. Below you will find a more detailed list of the work we do, however, we are happy to offer personalized consultations that specifically address your work and needs, whether they fit these descriptions or not. We are interested in connecting with writers who are passionate and engaged and are ready to combine efforts for the best possible outcome for their work. We believe that collaboration is key to building successful literary communities and publicity campaigns. This includes putting our energy and ideas together to create the best plan for you and your work. We’d love to discuss your project or how we can help you meet your goals. Drop us a line!

Publicity Services:

  • Events planning (bookstore tours, festivals, and conferences) and promotion

  • Traditional media outreach (national, regional, and local) for interviews, features, and reviews

  • Social media outreach (all platforms)

  • Blog tours

  • Website building and design management

  • Bookstore marketing outreach (marketing materials, bulk order campaigns, book club guides)

  • Swag design and distribution

  • In-school events

  • Consulting for writers of all levels

  • Editing, proof-reading, and line editing

  • Teaching classes on the book industry

We want to help authors achieve their goals and often that is just to have more time to write. There are many tasks that get in the way of writing time and we are available to take some of those over for our clients.


  • E-mail management

  • Research

  • Travel and itinerary management

  • Social media assistance

We also believe in empowering and educating authors so that they can better serve their work and community. Consultations and classes are available in the following areas.


  • Introduction to the business

  • Publicity campaigns

  • Pitching agents and publishers

  • Working with bookstores

  • Self vs Traditional Publishing