Sue Wasserman believes she had the best of both worlds growing up in New Jersey. A lake in her front yard provided the perfect place to learn about the beauty of nature while her proximity to New York City, along with an art-appreciating mother, helped foster a passion for the arts.


Sue’s confidence was bolstered by a talent for fencing, which helped her earn a scholarship to The Ohio State University.  Her resume proudly proclaimed that “the pen writes mightily with the sword.”

As a freelance writer, Sue Wasserman has interviewed a diverse group of people from baseball great Hank Aaron and Home Depot Founder Bernie Marcus, to Penland School of Craft Director Jean McLaughlin and renowned NC Potter Cynthia Bringle. She’s written for such publications as The New York Times, Southern Living, American Style, Ceramics Monthly, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Asheville Citizen Times


Sue became an accidental nature photographer thanks to a combination of curiosity, a bad back, and an impending corporate layoff. She sought solace in the woods and found herself intrigued by the colorful wildflowers she found on her journeys. She began carrying a camera to help identify the beauty she discovered. Identification turned to inspiration. Friends encouraged her to publish the images.


“Whether as a freelance writer or public relations professional, my career has been steeped in sharing stories about people who are passionate about what they do through the written word. I have often joked that it feels like Nature has asked me to be its PR person, but in all honesty, it feels very true.  Nature has become an important teacher in my life, and my hope, in combining thoughts and images, is that I can share her wisdom and beauty with others.”                           


I breathed in green and exhaled edginess. Thats how Sue Wasserman describes a happenstance walk in nature. Its also how I describe a walk through her book, A Moments Notice. Sues blend of organic photographs and poetic descriptions are treats for all readers. Novices will find this a convenient field guide and a delightful introduction. Those who are knowledgeable of the Blue Ridge flora will greet the splendor in her pages like old friends.” – Mary Zena White

“I'm so glad she wrote this book. It’s one of those books I will go back to for comfort or guidance through life...”                – Connie Perotti

A Moment’s Notice opens one’s eyes and heart to the beauty all around us that we overlook...but that the author did not. And for that I am grateful.  Diane Miller