Kimberly Childs grew up moving between London, New York, and her grandparent’s Kentucky farm.  Determined to find her spiritual family she searched through 1960s San Francisco and found Guru Sri Chinmoy’s ashram in Queens, New York.  While with the group she was the owner of three vegetarian restaurants and was also waitress, cook, and dishwasher.  After leaving the ashram she enrolled in Adelphi University and received her Masters Degree in Social Work.  She worked with alcoholics and their families and turned to fiber arts as a mode of self-expression. She has had many one-woman shows and won awards.

When she lost her voice to spasmodic dysphonia she turned to a women’s creative writing circle as a way of healing. Her writing has been published in Writing in Circles – a Celebration of Women’s Writing edited by Peggy Tabor Millin and Sisters Singing edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn.  She Writes Press will be publishing Childs’ Remember Me As Loving You: a Daughter’s Memoir in September, 2017.    

Her personal passions include: meditation, watercolors, ecstatic dance, hiking, and bird watching.  She lives with her husband and dog in the mountains of beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Discover more at